Jim Whitty joins D’Artagnan

For Immediate Release

After 14 years at the helm of ODOT’s Road Usage Charge program, Jim Whitty has joined D’Artagnan Consulting

Reston, VA — April 5, 2016 — D’Artagnan is pleased to announce that Jim Whitty, former Manager, Office of Innovative Partnerships & Alternative Funding of Oregon’s Department of Transportation, has joined D’Artagnan. Jim has 20 years’ experience advising legislative and executive branch officials and industry leaders on transportation revenue issues and policy development, with special expertise in development of transportation funding and funding alternatives, such as road usage charges, and public private partnership programs. Jim led Oregon’s efforts on road usage charge legislation for 14 years while serving as the administrator of Oregon’s Road User Fee Task Force, an independent policy body that developed cutting edge usage charge funding policies for light vehicles, that led to passage of the nation’s first per mile charge law. Jim crafted and orchestrated two successful per mile charge pilot demonstrations, the RUFPP in 2006-07 and the RUCPP in 2012-13, and the nation’s first operational road usage charge program known as OReGO. Jim Whitty’s experience and knowledge make him a perfect fit for handling strategic marketing and vision for D’Artagnan’s national and international programs.

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