Hoover Institution Golden State Poll: Californians Have Their Eye On Water And Jobs, Wary Of Mileage Tax

CREDIT: Hoover Institute, Stanford University, December 2015

As California begins a new year and a hectic legislative session in Sacramento, a new Golden State Poll conducted by the Stanford University-based Hoover Institution finds California’s voters most concerned with the ongoing drought and the state’s economic recovery. The survey tested three items that will be debated in California in 2016: a mileage tax on automobiles, Governor Jerry Brown’s Delta water-tunnel proposal, and whether funds from the construction of California’s high-speed rail should be diverted to other infrastructure projects. By a two-to-one margin (56-27 percent), voters opposed replacing the current state gasoline tax with a mileage tax. Given more information about privacy concerns associated with validating miles driven, opposition grew to 65 percent.

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