D’Artagnan Awarded Study of Certification for Multi-State Road Usage Charging

Study includes research into best practices and preferred structure for certification in a Road Usage Charge System Available to Multiple States

Reston, VA — September 29, 2015 — D’Artagnan has been awarded a study of Road Usage Charge system/vendor certification for the Western Road Usage Charge Consortium (WRUCC), a voluntary group of twelve state Departments of Transportation undertaking collaborative research into topics related to road usage charging. This pool-funded, multi-state research study features two key phases of collaborative research with participating states. The first phase researches and identifies key attributes, best practices, benefits and challenges for certification in a Road Usage Charge system available to multiple states. The second phase comprises further research with participating states to develop a potential certification system structure available to multiple states, including review of certification system scenarios (open and closed models), staffing options, options for lab testing and self-certification, approaches to device certification, methods for service/process certification and certification system governance.

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