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ROOB: We need to regulate roads like other utilities

CREDIT: Mitch Roob, Indianapolis Business Journal, October 2015

We all know that Indiana faces a road funding problem. We need to figure out how to get more money to repair and expand our network or face perpetual gridlock.

The underlying issue is governance of the road system or road utility. The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission should be given responsibility of defining a level of service on our state’s highways and the authority to raise or lower gas taxes or other user fees to fund the necessary capital and operating budget.

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LaHood: Congress must act on transportation needs

CREDIT: Derek Beigh, Pantagraph, October 2015

Former U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said Wednesday restoring transportation funding is key to new economic opportunity.

LaHood, a former city planner and seven-term Peoria Republican congressman from the 18th District, told a group of about 100 city planners and other officials that Congress needs to pass a new transportation bill and fund it accordingly.

“We need a six-year bill. It needs to be a minimum of $500 billion,” he said during a keynote address at the Illinois Chapter of the American Planning Association’s annual conference in Normal. “That will be what really energizes America, puts people back to work and gets us back to being No. 1 in infrastructure.”

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Metromile partners with Oregon Department of Transportation for 2015 Oregon Drive Less Challenge

CREDIT: Metromile, via PR Newswire, October 2015

The 2015 Oregon Drive Less Challenge is back Oct. 5-18 and Metromile, the nation’s only pay-per-mile car insurance provider, has joined the challenge as a top sponsor. The Oregon Department of Transportation and its partners, alongside Metromile, are encouraging Oregon residents and those that commute into Oregon to drive less to not only help participants get healthy, relax and save money but to also benefit the state of Oregon with better air, less traffic and reduced emissions.

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State seeks more drivers for mileage tax test

CREDIT: Hillary Borrud, East Oregonian, October 2015

CA state pilot program launched in July to charge Oregon drivers based on the amount they drive has roughly 900 participants, mostly in the Portland metropolitan area.
Officials had hoped to enroll up to 5,000 people in the pay-by-the-mile program, the first of its kind in the nation. Participants sign up with one of three private vendors, then install an electronic device that enables the company to track mileage and collect fees.

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How to Fund America's Highways

CREDIT: Tom Carper, BloombergView, October 2015

Our roads, highways, bridges and transit systems are in terrible shape in many parts of the U.S., and they’re getting worse. There’s a solution to this problem that would boost economic growth, productivity and competitiveness, and make life better for millions of Americans. But it requires that our politicians first be truthful about the problem.

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Caltrans Lauded Nationally for ‘Be Work Zone Alert’ Campaign

CREDIT:, October 2015

Caltrans’ “Be Work Zone Alert” campaign has received national recognition as a winner of the American Road & Transportation Builders Association’s Roadway Work Zone Safety Awareness Award. Caltrans’ campaign, which features the children of Caltrans employees, will serve as a national example of an innovative way an organization is bringing awareness to highway work zone safety.

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OReGO is going just fine

CREDIT: My Columbia Basin, October 2015

Oregon’s Road User Fee Task Force got an update on how the OReGO program is going Wednesday. Road Usage Charge Program Public Information Officer Michelle Godfrey says the group learned that things are running smoothly since the program to pay the state for mileage instead of gas launched on July 1.

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D’Artagnan Awarded Study of Certification for Multi-State Road Usage Charging

Study includes research into best practices and preferred structure for certification in a Road Usage Charge System Available to Multiple States

Reston, VA — September 29, 2015 — D’Artagnan has been awarded a study of Road Usage Charge system/vendor certification for the Western Road Usage Charge Consortium (WRUCC), a voluntary group of twelve state Departments of Transportation undertaking collaborative research into topics related to road usage charging. This pool-funded, multi-state research study features two key phases of collaborative research with participating states. The first phase researches and identifies key attributes, best practices, benefits and challenges for certification in a Road Usage Charge system available to multiple states. The second phase comprises further research with participating states to develop a potential certification system structure available to multiple states, including review of certification system scenarios (open and closed models), staffing options, options for lab testing and self-certification, approaches to device certification, methods for service/process certification and certification system governance.

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Washington State Transportation Commission awards Road Usage Charge study to D’Artagnan, Parsons Brinkerhoff and Berk Consulting

For Immediate Release

Study will continue evaluating a road usage charge as an alternative to the motor vehicle fuel tax.

Reston, VA — September 18, 2015. Parsons Brinkerhoff, in conjunction with D’Artagnan and Berk Consulting, have been awarded a contract with the Washington State Transportation Commission (WSTC), to continue the evaluation and assessment of a road usage charge as an alternative to the motor vehicle fuel tax to fund investments in transportation. The evaluation will be conducted under guidance from a 25-member Road Usage Charge Steering Committee, a select group of public officials, private industry representatives and transportation stakeholders appointed by the WSTC.  Several tasks will be covered, including an assessment of recent road usage charge funding initiatives around the U.S. and internationally; a revised financial evaluation of road usage charging; a review and analysis of legal, operational and policy issues that must be resolved before a road usage charge system could be implemented in Washington; and design options for a future public demonstration project. The Steering Committee’s recommendations will be provided in a report to the WSTC, who will consider the recommendations and forward the final report to the Governor’s office and the transportation committees of the State House of Representatives and the State Senate in December 2015.

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Heavy vehicle road charge proposal to improve infrastructure could begin by 2019


A proposal to charge truck companies a “network charge” to use roads is still being worked through by the Federal and South Australian governments in a bid to channel cash into the road network.

Premier Jay Weatherill earlier this year offered for the state trial elements of the proposal, which if successful would be rolled out nationwide.

The national proposal is seen as a strategy to improve the country’s freight transport infrastructure.

Federal Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Jamie Briggs said the system could apply from about 2019.

Mr Briggs said the Federal and SA governments had agreed to work together on the proposal.

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